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[06 August 2007]
Cheerleading competition event was held in the Mall Bangkapi, Bangkok, on 28th July. Many youth groups from different universites were participated in the show which featured and competed for the famous Darlie Toothpaste brand. Both the performers and visitors were actively participating in this competition. More info. at (in Thai language).

Watch the videos of the show:
Cheerleading Competition 2007 1Cheerleading Competition 2007 2 this digg it technorati BBC Interview about Google Adsense
[30 July 2007]
Last week 27th July Friday evening, there was an interview about Google Adsense for websites on BBC Burmese radio X21 program. founder and founder shared the information about implementing adsense websites for beginners.

Listen to the interview or see the previous other interviews. this digg it technorati Thai Model Girls at Big Pro Camera Show
[16 July 2007]
BigCamera company held the Big Pro day during 11 to 15 July which promoted many different cameras from famous brands such as Canon, Nikon, Olympus. Thai model girls were posing various styles at the show.

See the photos or watch the video below.

Thai_Model_Girls_Big_Camera this digg it technorati Freshy Night 2007
[08 July 2007]
Freshy night was held on 6th July at Assumption university huamark campus. There were many great shows performed by freshmen and senior students together. Watch below videos to see them in action.
Freshy Night 2007 1Freshy Night 2007 2Freshy Night 2007 3Freshy Night 2007 4Freshy Night 2007 5Freshy Night 2007 6Freshy Night 2007 7Freshy Night 2007 8 this digg it technorati Central World Plaza
[05 July 2007]

It is a video of water fountains at Central World Plaza which formerly known as World Trade Center in Bangkok.

 Central World

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