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The Promenade Community Mall
Posted on 15 June 2012
The Promenade is a community mall located in Ramintra road, Khan Na Yao, Bangkok. It is also connected to Fashion Island shopping mall. There are many restaurants for food and drink.

The Promenade 1The Promenade 2The Promenade 3The Promenade 4The Promenade 5The Promenade 6The Promenade 7The Promenade 8The Promenade 9The Promenade 10The Promenade 11The Promenade 12The Promenade 13The Promenade 14The Promenade 15The Promenade 16The Promenade 17The Promenade 18The Promenade 19The Promenade 20

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